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Emily Robertson Analyzes the President-Elect’s Plans for the US


Donald Trump will be America’s 45th president

Emily Robertson, Staff Writer

Donald Trump, the 45th president-elect, received the title when he won the electoral college in the United States’ presidential election on November 8.

Trump has many ideas for the future of America; citizens need to give him a chance, and respect the reality of Trump’s win.

Trump has proposed a plan for his first one hundred days in office, which he calls his “contract with the American voter.”

Trump’s contract includes points of cleaning up government corruption, ideas to protect American workers, and actions to restore security based on the Constitution (

Expect Trump to try to get a wall built on the United States’ border with Mexico, in hopes to reduce illegal immigration. This does not mean that Trump is against immigration and foreign people, it means that he only wants immigrants to come into the US legally.

People may not like Trump’s idea of the wall, but he has good intentions. Fortunately for those who oppose Trump and his wall, it will very likely not happen seeing as the border expands almost 2,000 miles, and the construction of such a project would cost a large amount of money that the United States does not have.

Trump is expecting Mexico to pay for this wall, but Mexican president Enrique Peña Nieto tweeted in August 2016 that Mexico will not pay for it (

However, Trump will undoubtedly try his hardest to get a wall built. This determination is a great quality to have in a president, whether what he’s fighting for his noble or not.

Trump will try to release the US from its involvement in the Trans-Pacific Partnership, and renegotiate NAFTA (

According to Business Insider, Trump will have the US withdraw from NAFTA if negotiation is not possible.

Trump also intends to fully repeal the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) and replace it with Health Savings Accounts, and leave the states to control the majority of healthcare, including Medicaid funds ( In order to do this, Trump will need the approval of 60 US Senates. Currently, the Republican party is projected to control at least 51 seats in the upcoming year, which is not enough ( Trump could settle for a partial appeal of Obamacare, but that would still leave multiple Obamacare regulations intact.

Trump has big plans to “drain the swamp”, which refers to Trump’s plan to get rid of government corruption, specifically focusing on lobbyists.

A lobbyist is someone working to influence legislation on behalf of a special interest group (

Trump plans to ban executive officials and members of Congress from lobbying privileges for at least five years once they leave office. He also wants to make restrictions on foreign lobbyists in United States government (

Trump has big plans to “Make America Great Again,” and it is only fair to respect Trump’s efforts.

The term “not my president” is utterly disrespectful, and is actually false, because if you are an American citizen, then Trump really will be your president, whether you like it or not.

In any election, the result will never please everyone, which is the simple fact about living in a democracy. However, there is no point in slandering Trump before he’s even in office. Citizens of the United States should stop wasting their efforts criticizing Trump, and should lay off with the assumption that he is going to turn America into an unsafe environment for minorities. Trump’s wants to create a better economic environment for Americans, and he could very well accomplish that seeing as he is a businessman.

Give Donald Trump a chance.