Thinking of Thorn

A Tribute To Mr. John Thorn


Mr. John Thorn’s door is decorated in his memory with his high school senior picture.

Ellie Coppock and Taylor Shively

On Thursday, November 10, Mr. John Thorn, one of the school’s psychologists, passed away unexpectedly in his office. Thorn had worked for Northmont for three years, after retiring from the Xenia School District. He was 63.

“John always seemed to brighten my day, whether it was singing or playing the imaginary bongos,” said Ms. Linda Hager, fellow school psychologist. Hager was first on the scene. “He was always looking at the brighter side of things.”

Hager said that Thorn, who was a native of  New Orleans, Louisiana, loved the state of Maine where he had recently designed and built a house. Thorn was planning to visit his home in Maine over Thanksgiving Break with his family, who he loved spending time with.

“He loved talking about his grandkids,” said Ms. Angela Marion, assistant to Ms. Susan Webb in the Main Office. 

Thorn was also a talented singer.

“He was always singing or whistling. He was even a part of his church’s choir.” said Ms. Beth Harlow, secretary in the Principal’s Office.

Thorn had an impact on many people during his time at Northmont.

“He was so thoughtful and listened to everyone,” said Ms. Susan Hamden, mental health therapist. “He will be missed.”

Services for Thorn were held at First Baptist Church at 4:30 on Tuesday November, 15.