From Northmont to Nicaragua

Gosser Travels Abroad

A parrot sits on the shoulder of Ms. Sarah Gosser, during Gosser’s trip to Nicaragua.

Harley Johnson, Assistant Editor-in-Chief

Leaving the cold weather behind, Spanish teacher Ms. Sarah Gosser traveled to Nicaragua in November for an opportunity to travel to Central America. Gosser was the recipient of a scholarship from World Strides and traveled from Dayton to Atlanta, and then Atlanta to Managua, the capital of Nicaragua.

“I applied because [I’ve] never been to Central America, and it was a great opportunity I couldn’t afford to miss,” said Gosser.

Gosser experienced Nicaragua’s unique culture, people, and landscape.

“I visited two active volcanos, a public school, met Spanish teachers, visited cities of Managua and Granada, two lakes formed by volcanos, a rainforest, and tried many classic Nicaragua dishes, such as Gallo Pita,” said Gosser.

Gosser notes Nicaragua is different from the United States in many ways.

“It’s basically a tropical rainforest. The lifestyle and diet is different from ours, and they have a very different definition of needs versus wants. [They also have] different perspective, loving the environment and keeping it safe,” said Gosser.

Gosser appreciated the culture, as well as the kindness of people and their healthy eating habits.

“This is why we travel,” said Gosser.

The trip lasted six days.