The Colors of the Rain-bolt

Lightning Bolt Changes Colors


Freshman Grace Rohling points out the green lightning bolt that runs along Thunderbolt Way.

Brittani Bolner, Staff Writer

If students haven’t noticed, the lightning bolt that runs up Thunderbolt Way, from one end to the other, has been changing colors.

Who has been changing the colors? Students!

The ever-changing bolt is a product of the Student Aspirations Team.

“Last year the Student Aspirations Team at the high school suggested that students be able to change the color of the lightning bolt that runs the length of Thunderbolt Way. This fits into the Fun and Excitement condition of our Aspirations program,” said Student Assistance Counselor Ms. Sheree Coffman, Student Aspirations Team Adviser.

According to Coffman, the students decided that they would draw names each quarter after the Best of the Bolts assembly.

“I like it¬†because it lets students feel like they are in charge,” said freshman Grace Rohling.

Allowing peers to choose colors has made an impact.

“I like fellow students picking colors because it helps personalize our school and show spirit,” said junior Que’lin Holt.

Others enjoy seeing the various colors on the bolt.

“I like the bolt changing colors because it gives the school personality,” said Rohling.

So far this semester, the bolt has turned pink for breast cancer awareness, blue for colon cancer awareness, purple after Northmont’s victory over Butler, green for depression awareness and in early November it was a progressive fade to red, white, and blue in honor of the election process.