All About Turnabout

A New Tradition is Beginning at Northmont

Tickets to the turnabout cost $5 through December 20.

Tickets to the turnabout cost $5 through December 20.

Emily Robertson, Staff Writer

Northmont High School will be hosting its very first turnabout this school year.

At homecoming and prom, boys traditionally ask girls to be their dates, but the role is reversed for turnabout, where girls will be asking guys.

Senior Kyndall Wilson, who is helping organize the dance, said the turnabout has been in production since early November.

According to Wilson, catering has already been arranged, so the dance is moving forward.

Ticket sales begin December 12, and cost $5 before winter break, but will increase to $10 after break.

The dance is considered “semi-casual,” in which students shouldn’t dress too fancy, but not too casual.

Wilson mentioned boys should wear something along the line of khakis and a button-up, while girls should wear a simple dress. No one should be spending excessive amounts of money.

The turnabout is scheduled to happen on January 14, 2017, but students need to buy their tickets soon to make sure there are enough funds for the dance. If 200 tickets aren’t sold by this Friday (December 16), the event is in jeopardy of being cancelled.

According to a Twitter poll, nearly 50% of students are extremely excited for the turnabout, while almost 20% voted “sure, I’m going.” If you are one of those students, make sure to buy your ticket before Tuesday, December 20.