Derailing the Wayne Train

Freshmen React to Northmont’s Win Over Wayne


Senior Jabari Perkins prepares to play defense, courtesy of Janet Duncan.

Justin Artz, Staff Writer

On January 6, 2017, the Northmont varsity basketball team beat Wayne, after taking the game into overtime.

“The game was wild. I enjoyed how nerve-racking the game was,” said freshman Chloe Kautz.

Northmont and Wayne have been long-time rivals, and are both members of the GWOC conference.

“Wayne is good when it comes to athletics, but I can’t stand it when Northmont loses to Wayne. So I was cheering on Northmont to get the win,” said freshman Bryce Asher.

It was the closest win for Northmont this season.

“The scores continuously alternated between the teams,” said freshman Riley Rice-Burtis. “It got to be really stressful until Northmont pulled away with the win.”

While seniors sit in the front of the student section, freshmen can find seats behind them.

“The game was really fun. The student section screamed and cheered. When the game began winding down to the end, everyone got loud. The game was very entertaining,” said freshman Camryn Nadir.

Northmont won the game 81-80, improving their record to 9-2, while Wayne fell to 7-2.