Trump’s Travel Ban

Travel Ban Mistaken as Ban Against Muslims

People protest President Trump’s immigration order (image courtesy of

Emily Robertson, Staff Writer

Protests have swept across the nation ever since Donald Trump took office. Recently, an order by President Trump has been the topic of many more protests and conversations.

The order has banned the entry of refugees and those traveling from countries that happen to have high Muslim populations (BBC). However, people have mistaken the order for being a complete ban on people of Muslim faith from entering the United States.

People from Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen have been restricted from coming to the US; those nations make up less than 15% of the world’s Muslim population (

According to, the President has imposed a temporary travel ban on the seven countries that are known for training, harboring, and export terrorism. The website clarifies the travel ban is not against religion, but it is about improving the vetting process for people entering the country.

The Trump Administration has intended, over the next ninety days, to continue the distribution of visas to all countries, once better security policies have been reviewed and implemented.

Despite Trump’s concern for this country’s safety, this order has been blocked by the federal appeals court (