Star Spangled Banter

Hawkins Sings National Anthem

Senior Eric Hawkins sings at Northmonts Activity Fair in January.

Senior Eric Hawkins sings at Northmont’s Activity Fair in January.

Lillian Broyles , Staff Writer

For the past two years, senior Eric Hawkins has been singing the national anthem at Northmont’s varsity basketball games.

“The basketball games are my favorite part of the week. The first few times my heart pounded heavily, but I still slayed the song,” said Hawkins.

Hawkins started singing when he was 8 years old, in San Antonio, Texas. Since then, he has sung for groups like his church, Northmont’s Catalyst, and The Dayton Kroc center. He has also competed in Salvation Army’s “star search” where he has won first place twice and third place once.

Hawkins says he practices everyday and builds confidence by acting like he’s performing.

“Sometimes I hum the song or I just burst out singing the song. I love hearing others sing the song because I love to create harmony while singing,” said Hawkins. “My drive to sing the nation anthem is my country. Many people don’t understand the freedoms we have here.”

Hawkins hopes that his love for the country will inspire others.

“America has received a lot of backlash since the 2016 election. To me, singing the anthem shows that I care about this nation and leads others to care as well,” said Hawkins

Hawkins plans to further his singing career, and hopes to win a Grammy one day.