In a State of Drama

Drama Club Prepares for State Conference


Freshman Lindsi Tomlinson looks over the state conference information sheet.

Harley Johnson, Assistant Editor

Drama Club had a meeting on March 1 for the approximately 28 students going to State Conference.

“State Conference is an annual conference for High School Theatre troupes from around the state,” said Mr. Ranger Puterbaugh, language arts teacher and Drama Club director.

The Drama Club has been attending the State Conference for over 30 years.

“Students can go to workshops, see performances, compete in acting or tech competitions, go to a dance, and participate in fundraisers for scholarships,” said Puterbaugh.

Northmont is bringing their Tech Challenge team, Individual Events, and marathons.

Tech Challenge is when teams compete in timed challenges to perform tech theatre activities. Team consists of:

  • Senior Micah Hardman
  • Senior Austin Matzke
  • Junior Maggie Salata
  • Junior Brooklyn Philander
  • Freshman Kellan Duffy
  • Freshman Lindsi Tomlinson

Marathons are short performances that students perform at conferences. This group consists of:

  • Senior Kiani Hayes bringing Deserted
  • Senior Allen Van Luvender bringing The Darkest Hour

Individual Events (I.E.s) consists of:

  • Philander performing a solo monologue
  • Van Lunvender and sophomore Gabe Markins performing a two person musical
  • Freshman Jeffery Rucker and sophomore Harley Johnson performing a two person pantomime, conveying emotions through gestures and music but without speech
  • Salata performing a one person musical

It’s the first time for more than half of the people at the meeting going to State.

“Since it’s my first State Conference I’m excited,” said Tomlinson.

Drama Club is leaving for State Conference at 1 p.m. on Friday, March 24. They will get back around 2 or 3 p.m. on Sunday, March 26.