Don’t MeetMe

Social Media App Poses Dangers


The icon for the app MeetMe is a smiling conversation bubble (Photo courtesy of MeetMe, Inc).

Andrea Rediess, Staff Writer

The app MeetMe was originally created in 2005 as MyYearbook, by Dave and Catherine Cook. In June of 2012, it was renamed MeetMe, according to Techcrunch Network. 

MeetMe is a social media app where users can chat, socialize, and meet others. The app uses a user’s location to show other users nearby. The app sorts people based on current location, age, gender, and sexuality.  The minimum age requirement is 13, however it is impossible for the app to verify age, so there is nothing preventing younger users from joining. The app also can’t determine if a user is fake, and thus users could easily lie about their identity or age.

According to ABC News, authorities say Aaron Misael Viteri Vera, 22, used MeetMe to meet a 19-year-old female. Vera used a false name and claimed to work with Amazon. He had been talking to his victim for a few weeks and promised her a job with Amazon. She got into the car with Vera, who took her phone away and drove off with the victim in the car. She jumped out of the car and went to the police.

While the social networking site tells users they can “broaden your professional network, share interests, meet your soul mate,” Meetme was recently named one of the 25 most trafficked websites ( The Huffington Post also put MeetMe on a list of dating apps that are used too much by teens.

“I used the app for a few months… I came across quite a few creepy people. Also, some adults trying to pass off as teenagers. It’s not an app that I recommend to anyone,” said an anonymous Northmont student, who did meet one friend on the site.


MeetMe boasts over 100 million users, with 1 million users active daily (