Big Decisions

Seniors Decide on College


Senior Emily Roach plans to attend Cedarville University.

Emily Robertson, Staff Writer

With the 2016-2017 school year entering its last quarter, the seniors at Northmont High School have big decisions to make regarding their plans after graduation.

College is a popular route after high school, with nearly 70% of high school graduates moving on to a higher level of education (

Ohio is home to over 200 colleges, so Northmont students have plenty of options if they want to stay in Ohio (

Some students have already committed to a college, like senior Macy Newburg.

Newburg plans to attend the University of Dayton, where her mother, uncle, and grandfather graduated from.

Senior Dillon Black will be going to Ohio State University because of the athletic program, the quality education, and the fact that it’s close to home.

Black states that what he’ll miss most about high school is football and his close friends.

Senior Ryanne Stoffel will attend the University of Rio Grande because of the smaller environment close to home.

Although staying in-state has its perks, some students are deciding to leave Ohio to pursue their education.

Senior Nadia McMichael will be attending Syracuse University in New York to study civil engineering.

McMichael states she has family in New York City, she loves the atmosphere of Syracuse, and she loves the opportunities to study abroad.

With less than three months until graduation, seniors still have some time to decide on a college. provides tips for seniors who are struggling with their decision:

  1. Make sure you can imagine yourself there. You wouldn’t want to choose a college that you couldn’t even imagine yourself going to.
  2. Make sure the college has the major that you want to study, or at least a variety of options if you’re going in undeclared.
  3. The college should be affordable for the most part.
  4. There is the option of starting off at a community college, then transferring to a different college later.
  5. Fitting into the college is more important than the popularity of the college. If it’s not well known, that’s okay. Decide if you would fit in better at a smaller college, or a larger one. Visit colleges to determine where you feel most comfortable.