Breaking the Quarter

Students Prepare for Spring Break and Fourth Quarter


Junior Nora Hollen studies for her college classes that will occur over break.

Autumn Jenkins, Editor-in-Chief

Third quarter ended on March 10, marking the beginning of fourth quarter and the two-week countdown to spring break. Some students are traveling while others are staying at home and enjoying their ten-day break from school.

“[I’m] going down to Florida because I have family there,” said junior Dylan Sporre.

Some students are leaving the country over break.

“I’m going to Mexico,” said sophomore Bradlee Fritz. “We need a break from school, especially with exams coming up.”

Many people expect the workload to increase following break, due to the approaching exams and the end of the year.

“[Teachers will be] trying to get all the chapters in before final exams, in addition to incorporating PBL,” said junior Nora Hollen. Hollen will be taking classes and completing homework for her college classes over break. She takes sociology and computer software classes at Sinclair and she takes college composition and psychology at the high school.

Surgeries are another activity taking place.

“I’m getting my wisdom teeth taken out,” said senior Crystal Davis, who scheduled the surgery over break so she wouldn’t miss school.

There are several students who dislike that spring break begins two weeks into fourth quarter.

“I don’t think it’s very smart because you’re going to forget everything and there’s no point in starting anything new because [teachers will] end up rushing through,” said Hollen.

Fritz and Sporre believe ending third quarter with spring break would be a better choice. Students would retain more information and it would provide a break between the two quarters.

Following break, freshmen, sophomores, and juniors will return with 38 days of school remaining, seniors with 35.