Crew Wanted

Drama Club Needs Help


Sophomore Kailey Applegate works on a prop for Captain’s Log.

Harley Johnson, Assistant Editor

Drama Club is getting ready for its spring show, Captain’s Log.

While actors are in rehearsals, crews are getting the finishing touches done for the show.

There are 5 main crews:

  • Props
  • Lighting
  • Sound
  • Costume
  • Makeup

The Prop Crew makes, maintains, and buys the props for the show.

The Lighting Crew deals with spotlights and stage lighting.

The Sound Crew manages the actor’s microphones and other sounds on stage.

The Costumes Crew in charge of measuring actors for costumes, making adjustments, and make sure costumes are all there.

The Makeup Crew handles the special effect and natural makeup to bring the characters to life and do touchups.

Tech week begins Monday, April 3. The show will premier Thursday, April 6, with the last performance on Saturday, April 8.

Crew members are required to go to the dates above.

To get involved in a crew or learn more about a crew, talk to Mr. Ranger Puterbaugh, language arts teacher and drama club director in room 3204.