In a State of Winning

Drama Club Won Big at State Conference

Drama Club displays their signed Hamilton poster front and center after arriving home from State Conference.

Harley Johnson, Assistant Editor

Drama Club attended the State Conference from Friday, March 24 to Sunday, March 26 in Columbus.

Northmont brought their Tech Challenge team, Individual Events, and student-written plays (marathons).

The Tech Challenge team consisted of:

  • Senior Micah Hardman
  • Senior Austin Matzke
  • Junior Maggie Salata
  • Junior Brooklyn Philander
  • Freshman Kellan Duffy
  • Freshman Lindsi Tomlinson

Marathons consisted of:

  • Senior Kiani Hayes (Deserted)
  • Senior Allen Van Luvender  (The Darkest Hour)

Individual Events (I.E.’s) consisted of:

  • Philander performing a solo monologue
  • Van Lunvender and sophomore Gabe Markins performing a two-person musical
  • Freshman Jeffery Rucker and sophomore Harley Johnson performing a two-person pantomime
  • Salata performing a one-person musical

The Tech Challenge team won first place at State Conference.

Both marathon performances were sold out of tickets hours before the actual show time.

Salata was the only make it into the I.E. Showcase, she got a standing ovation from Northmont and brought the rest of the room to tears. Salata’s performance was very emotional and moving.

Drama Club members attended a silent auction, benefitting an organization that fights to prevent AIDs, where they won a signed Hamilton poster with a $177 bid.

Students pulled their money together to purchase the poster, by having Hayes collect money Saturday morning on the bus. Hayes wrote the amount and the person’s name down, just in case Drama Club didn’t win the poster.

State Conference next year is from March 23  – March 25. Northmont will be the host of the 2017-2018 State Conference. The event attracts over 1,000 students.