Adventures in the Cafeteria

Deconstructing the school lunch


Tastes like chicken but does it look like chicken?

Emma Saltsman, Staff Writer

Five days a week, students endure school lunches. Now with new changes, students are in a frenzy.

With the new health act, the chicken has been switched out for a “healthier” version.

 “School lunches are horrible,” said junior Ashley Trottier. “They always run out of food C lunch and the sausages are pink; they’re uncooked just like the chicken….it’s grey.”

 Many students argue the lunches are not healthy if the students refuse to eat it.

 “The school lunch is one of the most inedible, unhealthy foods you will ever eat. The only reason you eat it is so you don’t starve the whole day,” said junior Aaron Fenton. “It’s not healthy when kids just eat the cookies.”

 The new school lunch also puts a limit on condiments. Each student is limited to only two packets of ketchup, though sometimes you are granted a third if you ask.

 “The school lunches are so bad and so inedible, the only way to mask the taste of the horrific food is to use ketchup and barbecue sauce, but since we can only get two packets now, it just makes the lunch that much worse and not worth eating,” said senior Nick Latessa.

 This year’s school lunch has become disappointing to students who still remember the old school lunch.

 “The food either isn’t real, covered in grease, or still half frozen,” said junior Hannah Thompson.

 Students have decided they want the old school lunches back, but unfortunately this decision is not up to them.