Racket Ruckus

Two Students Prank Boys Tennis Team


The boys tennis team try out their pots and pans after the prank. (photo courtesy of Michelle Hibbard).

Maddie Harris , Staff Writer

On Friday, April 7, senior Michelle Hibbard and junior Whitney Lai played a prank on Northmont’s boys tennis team. The two seniors replaced tennis rackets with pots and pans.

“I thought the prank was going to be really funny, so I decided to help Whitney pull off the prank,” said Hibbard.

Lai was the one who thought of the idea, and the two worked on pranking the boys together.

“The idea just came to me,” said Lai. “I just saw a pan and thought of pranking the boys.”

It took the two a month to plan and get ready. They had to gather the needed supplies and find a time to pull the prank.

“We decided to get the pots and pans from Goodwill, so it would be cheaper. We ended up getting 20 pans for the prank,” said Lai. “It was kinda expensive, but it was really worth it.”

The prank happened at the high school right before the match against Greenville.

“Whitney and I stayed in a car to watch the boys’ reactions. They were confused at first, but then started playing with the kitchenware. I thought it was really funny,” said Hibbard.

Lai and Hubbard are both members of the girls tennis team.