Catalysts Say Goodbye

Groups Perform Final Concert


Northmont’s A cappella group Catalyst sings at the last concert for the school year (image courtesy of Reana Liedle, TNT News).

Northmont’s A Cappella program held their second and final concert of the school year on Monday, April 24.

The concert began with a performance by the middle school’s group, Wired, singing Green Day’s “Good Riddance (Time of Your Life),” and concluded their time with “All Star,” by Smash Mouth.

Impulse performed next, beginning with “Somebody That I Used to Know.” They sang four more songs, in which junior Maggie Salata was a soloist for Taylor Swift’s, “You Belong With Me,” sophomore Micah Via performed “Hit Me With Your Best Shot,” and senior Betina Dobles performed “Call Me, Maybe.”

This is the second year for Impulse, which opened up more opportunities for students interested in the A Capella program.

“A Capella has given me the chance to meet new people and learn to sing better,” said freshman Deven Cannon. “I’m excited for the new singers to experience that as well.”

The eight seniors in Catalyst had an emotional night due to the impending ending of their high school A Cappella careers.

Senior Paige Waterman began her time as a soloist for Leona Lewis’s “Fire Under My Feet.”

After Waterman’s performance, senior Allen Van Luvender spoke to the audience before beginning his performance of “Absolutely (Story of a Girl).”

Senior Anna Fox gave a happy birthday announcement to her father, and proceeded to sing “I’m Like a Bird.”

“Sorry,” by Justin Bieber, “Forget You,” by CeeLo Green, and “Sound of Silence,” by Simon & Garfunkel were also performed by Catalyst.

Senior Rylee Fitzgerald took the stage for a performance of Ellie Goulding’s “Lights.”

After Fitzgerald’s performance, Ms. Anna King and Mr. Ryan Chatterton took the stage and called all the seniors to the front of the stage, proceeding to talk about the history of Catalyst. The seniors took their chance to show their appreciation for the adults, who helped Catalyst happen, by giving them both gifts.

Catalyst then produced a heartwarming performance of “Shoulders,” by the Christian music group, For King and Country, to represent the ability of the group members to rely on one another. Each person performed their own short solo in the song, by stepping forward and putting a hand on the shoulder of their predecessor.

“It’s sad because I’m going to miss everyone. A Capella allowed me to express my skills and I can’t wait to see where they take me,” said senior Carter Barone, best known for his beat-boxing performances.

The concert ended with the first song that Catalyst ever performed as a group: “I Need Your Love,” featuring senior DeAnna Ullery as a soloist.

Although the catalysts of the Northmont A Cappella programs are graduating, the programs will continue.