Aftermath of Prom

Students Share Feelings Towards Prom


Junior Alecia Barker, junior Dion Wilkins, junior Breanna Sharp, senior David Sutter, and sophomore Faith Thompson, with senior Kiani Hayes in front, take prom pictures at Allwood Garden Metropark(photo courtesy of Thompson).

Autumn Jenkins, Editor-in-Chief

Prom occurred Saturday, April 22 at Miami Valley CTC. The dance included snacks, decorations, and varying music.

“It was really fun and I’m glad I went. I thought the music was better than the last prom I went to. There was a good mixture of everything,” said senior Claire Pilgrim. “Before prom we went out to eat at Outback, my favorite restaurant ever. After I just hung out with my prom group.”

It was one of the last events for seniors as the school year comes to a close.

“It’s bittersweet because we’re leaving,” said senior J.J. Morris, whose first prom was his last.

Prom tickets were free for seniors, but $20 for juniors and guests. Some students who paid the money felt the tickets should be cheaper.

“I feel we’re spending enough money on dinner and renting a tux. Homecoming tickets weren’t even that expensive,” said junior Dylan Sporre. “It was nice that they didn’t go overboard on decorations like Homecoming.”

Students had very few suggestions for future proms.

“Maybe a different location. CTC was too small,” said Sporre, who feels CTC is not a good place for prom. Sporre has attended 4 dances over his high school career, and his favorite one was Prom 2017 because of it being mainly upperclassmen.

Others were completely content with prom day.

“I liked [the decorations] and [the music] was fine as well. I went and ate with my friends at Rapid Fired before, and then went to after-prom,” said senior Crystal Davis, who has attended 5 dances over her high school career, 2 of which bring prom. Her favorite dance was her junior prom.