Northmont Foster Cares

Project to Help Students


Students donate to Thunderbolts Helping Fosterbolts.

Thunderbolts Helping Foster Bolts, a project started by teachers, was inspired by a video of a man helping foster kids in Washington, D.C. Teachers at Northmont began taking donations for a similar project, including duffle bags, toothpaste, and shampoo.

“Mr. Pfeffer showed me the video,” said art teacher Ms. Abby Daniels. “We wanted to do something similar. We started with backpacks, but they were too small. We switched to duffle bags and we’re trying to get different items to put inside of them.”

According to wood shop teacher Mr. Sam Pfeffer, the video was sent to him from his daughter. The video is a man explaining that when he adopted his children from foster care, they carried their belongings in trash bags. See the video here:

“I really wanted to help kids and make them feel included,” said Pfeffer. “I was in foster care myself.”

According to Daniels,  donations for the project have come from students, staff, and retired staff. There are also donation boxes in different classrooms.

“I was in foster care so I know what the kids go through,” said senior Phillip Norton. Norton donated $100 to the project.


Daniels would like to see the program keep growing to include the middle school. She has also applied for a grant to continue the project at the high school.

According to Daniels, there are currently 32 students in foster care enrolled at the high school.