The Drama Continues

Hanging Out With Drama Club

Drama Club members play Mario Cart at one of the Friday “Hangouts.”

Harley Johnson, Assistant Editor

Though the 2016-2017 Drama Club show season is over, members are still meeting. The meetings, however, don’t have to do with the next big production. Drama Club has been meeting on Fridays from 3 to 5 p.m. in the choir room to simply “hang out.”

“[Hangouts] give us a time to just talk and laugh with each other, growing even closer together,” said sophomore Micah Via.

Drama Club’s show season ended earlier than previous years.

“It’s pretty empty after all the shows are over, so it’s a nice way to spend time together,” said junior Sofia Sjoeberg.

The leadership team came up with the idea of Friday “Hangouts.”

“[The leadership team] wanted drama club to do more in the year,” said Mr. Ranger Puterbaugh, drama club advisor. “They wanted the Hangouts to be a fun experience to bring people together and give people options of things to do and try.” Drama Club has done everything from playing party games to Nintendo games.

“I find them fun with interesting games,” said sophomore Cayla Burris.

The Hangouts bring about 30 members of Drama Club together.

“I need something to do and why not do it with people I love,” said sophomore Julian Newson.

Hangouts began April 21, with the last one scheduled for May 12.