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Why Football Rules


Photo by DJ Hudson

Junior football player Jimi Saul squares off with junior soccer player Mason Reidy .

D.J. Hudson, Sports Editor (and Football Player!)

On November 6, 1869, the college of New Jersey (now Princeton University) and the Rutgers Queensmen took place in what is considered the first football game. Rutgers took the win 6 runs to 4 runs (or 42-28). The two teams, along with one hundred spectators in attendance, probably had no idea what they had just taken part in. If they did, they probably would be so proud of themselves.

In America, football is the most popular sport. The NFL makes a little over 9 billion dollars a year, making it the most lucrative professuibak sport in the world. In college football, teams can make up to 18 million dollars for their school just by making it to a bowl game.

“Football is better than soccer because football brings in more fans and money than soccer does,” said junior Austin Kossoudji, a varsity linebacker.

Many people will argue that soccer is more superior because it’s more popular worldwide, but that’s not true. Over sixty countries have professional football leagues.

“Football is just more exciting,” said junior Chris Timmons, a varsity football player.

Football even has their own World Cup, just like soccer. Every four years, eight teams enter the International Federation of American Football (IFAF) World Cup or IFAF World Championship of American Football. Japan and the USA are tied, both winning two World Championships so far.

Football is not only important worldwide, but has local significance as well. At Triangle Park in 1920, the Dayton Triangles faced the Columbus Panhandles (Tigers) in the first game of the National Football League. Triangle Park is located on Ridge Road, about 20 minutes away from Northmont High School. Ohio, as a whole, has one of the richest football histories of any state, and Canton is the home of the NFL Hall of Fame. Football at Northmont is a huge deal too. Our football program has put hundreds of people on college teams. Also a number of people have gone into the NFL including NHS graduates Kurt Coleman, Zebrie Sanders, and CJ Barnett.

“I love football because of the Friday night lights,” said sophomore Lacey Brand who is a trainer for the varsity football team.

Soccer fans will also argue that it is better because soccer is an Olympic sport. Although this is true, football has tried to become an Olympic sport as far back as 1932. At the 1932 summer Olympics in Los Angeles, senior students from Cal University, Stanford University, and USC in the West conference and Harvard University, Yale University, and Princeton University in the East conference tried to join the Olympics. They played in front of a crowd of 60,000 spectators and members of the Olympic committee in a demonstration game. This game would later become the East versus West senior game played every year.

Football teams can have hundreds of plays, all which can be run differently based on a defense. This requires both offensive and defensive players to have extensive knowledge of the game, and go through hours of preparation and practice.

“Football is better than soccer because it requires more mental capacity to succeed,” said sophomore Jon Sherman, a varsity offensive lineman.

Football is also more dangerous. Last year there were nearly 389,000 musculoskeletal injuries in players under age 14. That’s not even including high school, college, and pro football.

“Football is better than soccer because there is more contact in football than soccer this makes the game more interesting,” said freshman Amari Spears who is on the freshman football team.

Football is second in America with injuries, only to cheerleading and first in serve injuries.

“I think football is better than soccer because football players pretend not to be hurt and soccer players pretend to be hurt,” said junior Jimi Saul, a varsity linebacker. “Constantly, you will see football players with a torn meniscus, torn ACLs, bracing it up and going out there and playing. I mean Ray Lewis won a Super Bowl with a torn tricep. And you will find soccer players with nothing wrong with them falling down like they’re hurt.”

Football is still a growing sport. Soccer has, for the most part, reached its peak. Football has an enormous way to go and has the fan base to support it.