Good Morning

Thunderbolt Network Television Premieres News Show


A classroom in the Language Arts wing has been transformed into Central Unit Studio 3210, where TNT broadcasts their live morning news show.

Maddie Harris, Staff Writer

Last year, Northmont High School began their first broadcast show, via Thunderbolt News Television (TNT). The show features information and announcements for students, as well as news stories and weather.

“I enjoy watching the morning news instead of listening to it on the intercom every day,” said sophomore Terrance Lewis. “It’s a lot more entertaining.”

First period is five minutes longer to accommodate for the announcements, which used to be at the beginning of the the period. The show is broadcast during the last five minutes of first period.

“The broadcast show is very helpful because it has really good reminders,” said junior Kayla Beireis.

Unfortunately some classes don’t get to watch TNT because their teachers have technology issues or forget to turn it on.

“My Spanish 2 class doesn’t get to watch it, so I don’t know if I miss anything important,” said sophomore Bryce Asher.

If teachers don’t put on the announcements, then students might miss information that they need to know.

“I’m glad that my teacher puts on TNT, because I don’t want to miss anything that I need to know,” said Lewis.

The morning news show is currently live streamed via YouTube, as the district webcasting V-Brick platform is not working.