Kicking It Off

The New NFL Season


Defending Super Bowl champions the New England Patriots, start off a new season against the Kansas City Chiefs (photo courtesy of Bleacher Report).

Justin Artz, Staff Writer

The new NFL season started Thursday, September 7. The season kicked off with New England Patriots suffering a 42-24 defeat to the Kansas City Chiefs to begin the seventeen-week regular season.

“I’m excited to see the first regular season game I look forward to watching the Colts and I look forward to seeing Andrew Luck play after his shoulder surgery,” said freshman Jakob Hughes. “I am excited to see Malik Hooker and see how he does on defense.”

With many highly ranked rookies making their debut in week one, the fans will be looking to see how the young athletes come out and perform.

“I’m excited for the new season to start. I can’t wait to see upcoming rookies like John Ross and the MVP contending quarterback Derrick Carr play,” said sophomore Mason Hayden.

While some are hyped about watching the young athletes perform, others look forward to seeing the veterans return to the field.

“I am very happy to see the season roll back around. I can’t wait to see Chiefs’ running back Jamal Charles. I’m very excited to see Marshawn Lynch come back to the league and perform,” said sophomore Bryce Asher.

Controversy still surrounds the New England Patriots, as a lot of people dislike the Patriots for their history of cheating or because of their perpetual winning. Many people are hoping for a new team to be on top this year.

“It will be exciting to see who makes the playoffs this year. I can’t wait to see if any teams will dethrone the Pats this year,” said sophomore Brack Staton.

The Harris Poll┬áreports that professional football remains America’s favorite sport, for over 30 years in a row.