Dash for Dinner

New Food Delivery Service Comes to Dayton


Sophomore Zak Vincent looks at the DoorDash website.

Maddie Harris, Staff Writer

A new restaurant delivery service called DoorDash made its way to Dayton, Ohio on September 6, 2017. The company first started in Palo Alto, California, to make food deliveries easier for consumers and restaurants.

The DoorDash blog reports: “Over the course of the next few weeks, we interviewed over 200 small business owners all over the Bay Area   from San Mateo to Mountain View and we kept hearing the same thing over and over again: deliveries are painful.” 

The service has been going on for two years, but it is just now coming to Dayton. After doing so well in Cincinnati and Columbus the past few months, the creators decided that the Dayton area would be perfect for more expansion.

“Customers put their address into DoorDash app or website to order from their favorite local or national restaurant,” said DoorDash’s Midwest senior strategy and operations manager, Hank Couture, in an interview on Dayton.com.

DoorDash is offering free delivery for their first week, as part of a promotion.

People in the Dayton Area can now take part of this service by downloading the app or visiting www.doordash.com.