Welcome to Puerto Rico

Guest Speaker Comes to Northmont Spanish Club


Ms. Sandra Ocasio holds the Puerto Rican flag.

Harley Johnson, Editor-in-Chief

On Wednesday, September 20, Spanish Club had their second meeting of the year and welcomed their first authentic Spanish speaker: Ms. Sandra Ocasio from Puerto Rico.

“[Sandra] Taught my kids at Troy Christian Schools,” said Señora Sarah Gosser, Spanish Club adviser and Spanish teacher.

Students got to learn about Puerto Rico from Ocasio.

“[Students will be] Learning about the customs and cultures of Puerto Rico and [bringing] a Puerto Rican dish to share,” said Gosser.

All Spanish Club members were welcomed to come and Sinclair College Credit Plus (CCP) 2201 was required to be there.

“It is required, but I have no assignment planned yet because I have no idea what she has planned, so I’m exciting to experience it myself,” said Gosser.

Ocasio hopes people take away that every Spanish speaking country has an uniqueness.

“Puerto Rico [ is really small it] fits about eleven times in Ohio,” said Ocasio. “[There’s many] Sounds, noise, music, cars, etc. in Puerto Rico, Ohio is more quiet.”

Ocasio was at Northmont on Wednesday after school from 3 p.m. to 4 p.m. and about 35 attended.

“[I’m] Extremely proud of the turn out,” said Gosser. “We had great food to share and great company.”

Gosser believes bringing in an authentic Spanish speaker is beneficial because it gives students a new perspective. Gosser knows other authentic Spanish speakers from all over and it’s her personal goal on bringing a new speaker in every month.