Start Swimming

Swim Season Starts Up


Sophomore Jasmine Johnston’s first schedule for the swim year.

Maddie Harris, Staff Writer

As fall sports start coming to an end, winter sports begin, including swimming.

“I fell in love with swim last year and I did it over the summer, so it felt right to join the team this year,” said sophomore Lindsey Dresnek.

The first meeting of the season took place on Wednesday, September 20. Students who attended the meeting got to meet the coaches and saw a schedule. The schedule contained the dates of conditioning and other meetings.

“Conditioning starts the first Tuesday of October,” said sophomore Kody Barnett, “I usually try to spend extra time at the YMCA, whether it be in to pool or working out.”

Even though the season starts in a month, returning swimmers are excited to get back into the season.

“I’m looking forward to crushing my times from last year and getting to be with my teammates,” said sophomore Jasmine Johnston.

Also joining the team this year will be new freshmen.

“Freshmen doing swim this year should stick with it,” said junior Isabella Caraway. “It is a sport that takes work and dedication.”

If students are interested in joining the swim team, they should pick up a schedule from the coaches and attend conditioning starting October 3.