A Day to Unite

Eight Years of Unity

Students participate in Unity Day (courstey of sophomore Taylor Pritchett).

Harley Johnson, Editor-in-Chief

Unity Day is this week from Tuesday, September 26, through Friday, September 29.

  • Tuesday, September 26: Freshman last names Abernathy through Fetters (Peer Facilitation members mentor)
  • Wednesday, September 27: Freshman last names Fischer through Loxley (sophomore, juniors, and seniors mentor)
  • Thursday, September 28: Freshman last names Lucas through Scott (juniors mentor)
  • Friday, September 29: Freshman last names Scoville through Young and all transfer students (Link Crew members mentor)

“[Unity Day] Is a day to meet new people and to figure out that students come to school with enough home struggle and to not put more on students,” said Ms. Sheree Coffman, Unity Day and Student Assistance Counsler. “[Also it’s a day] To learn what others go through.”

There is a variety of activities for students and mentors.

“We do a ‘if you ever’ game, to meet new people, a comedian [Mr. Kenny Carpenter] along with other guest speakers, home groups, where students get to know each other, ‘walk the line’,” said Coffman. “It’s required to go but you don’t have to participate if you don’t wish to, to respect their [a student’s] privacy.”

At its conclusion, Unity Day will serve around 430 freshman and transfer students, as well as 60 upperclassmen mentors.

“First-time freshmen and transfers [attend Unity Day],” said Coffman. “We put transfer students together on Friday so they are all together.”

Most students enjoy the day.

“I did enjoy Unity Day my freshman year, enough to wanna be a leader,” said junior Cayla Burris. “I enjoyed it because it was a good experience to talk to someone about my problems.”

Some, however, have mixed reactions.

“There were some moments where I was uncomfortable, but overall I learned a lot,” said senior Brooklyn Philander.

Coffman says the event is for fortunate students who haven’t been exposed to negative issues, helping them develop empathy, as well as students who have challenging issues in life, helping them to realize they’re not alone and that it’s okay to reach out for help.

Students seeking assistance, can email her at [email protected] or visit her office in 11o7.