Students Experience iPad Issues


Sophomore Riley Zaleski works on her iPad.

Ellie Coppock, Assistant Editor-in-Chief

Recently, many Northmont students have experienced issues with their iPads. Some of the issues include apps disappearing and not working.

“I had problems with Google Drive,” said sophomore Paige Hampton. “It wouldn’t let me upload any videos, so I couldn’t turn them in.”

On Tuesday October 17, Ms. Jean Bennett, the technology specialist, sent out an email to every student informing them that Notability needs to be backed up. Some students still experienced issues after the backup.

“My Notability app deleted and deleted all of my notes, even though I had it on automatic backup,” said sophomore Teaylis Jackson.

Sophomore Riley Zaleski has been using a replacement iPad for approximately one month. On her iPad, half of her screen glitched and she is waiting for it to get repaired. The loaner iPad still has problems with deleting and adding apps.

“Notability and Progress Book have disappeared. The App Store and FaceTime have appeared but, they are gone now,” said Zaleski. “When I got my loaner iPad, none of my notes on Notability backed up so, for the first 2 weeks of having the iPad, I had to get notes from friends.”

On Tuesday, October 10, Bennett sent an email that stated that the iPad Management Software wasn’t working properly. The email stated that apps were malfunctioning.

“My Notability disappeared and a couple apps have gone,” said junior Morgen Tracey. “Most of my classes use Notability for notes and homework.”

If students have any other iPad issues or questions, students are encouraged to email Bennett at [email protected]