Snowden Testifies in the Trial of a Murderer



Enzo Libertini, Entertainment Editor

Former student Austin Myers, sentenced to death for murdering Justin Back, wrote a letter to teacher Ms. Erin Snowden that contained statements contradicting what he said to police. Timothy Mosley, accomplice to Myers, testified against him in order to avoid the death penalty. Snowden had both the boys as students, and was confused when she received the letter.

“I was shocked when Austin reached out to me,” said Snowden.

She was never particularly close to either of the boys, so it was unusual for him to pick her as the recipient. After she realized what the letter was, she immediately turned it over to the proper authorities. Following that, she was called as a witness in the trial.

“It was weird seeing him in court. His eyes were soulless like he wasn’t all there. That wasn’t the kid I had in class,” Snowden said. Myers was sentenced to death weeks later.

“I love all of my students, I look at them as if they’re my kids,” said Snowden.

However, she is not against the death penalty.

“He took a life.”

Myers is the youngest person in the history of Ohio to be sentenced to death.

“Better he die now than spend the rest of his life in prison regretting his decision,” said junior Paul Davison. “I mean, he killed someone.”

There has been a lot of talk about whether or not it is ethically okay to put someone so young to death. This has been a controversial topic long before Myers.

“I’ve heard a lot of people arguing they shouldn’t have a nineteen year old on death row, but he shouldn’t have commited a murder in the first place. Why does age matter?” Said senior Evan Duffy.

The death penalty is hitting very close to home for all of us, and some are very against it.

“I don’t think we should kill people,” said junior Brian Edwards.

Then again, others believe there is only one fair punishment.

“If you kill someone you lose your right to life,” said junior Josh Fairnet.

Myers has been moved to death row, and is awaiting an execution date.