Portfolio or Portfoli-no

Students Share Opinions on Exams


Junior Morgen Tracey prepares for her portfolio interview.

Ellie Coppock, Assistant Editor-in-Chief

In some foreign language classes, students must construct a portfolio. The portfolio showcases what the student has learned throughout the semester and to replaces exams. However, exams have recently been reintroduced to the language classes.

“I liked it when it was just portfolios,” said sophomore Mara Cockerell. “Exams add extra pressure and stress.”

Some students don’t like certain aspects of portfolios.

“I don’t enjoy the stress that portfolios give me, but I enjoy organizing my work and looking back at what I’ve done so far,” said junior Morgen Tracey.

Sophomore Riley Zaleski believes that exams are not necessary because the portfolios already show what a student has achieved. However, not everyone agrees.

“If you do bad on the portfolio, you can make it up with the exam and vice versa,” said sophomore Lindsey Dresnek.

According to an unofficial Twitter poll, 88% of foreign language students would prefer just the portfolio, while 12% would prefer just an exam.