H&M Controversy

Hoodie Causes Mayhem


The H&M “Coolest Monkey” sweatshirt has caused outrage among those who see the ad as racist (as seen on the H&M website).

Reide Combs , Staff Writer

In a recent ad, H&M featured a child with the words “Coolest Monkey In the Jungle” on the hoodie. The child was black. This hoodie by H&M has been called racism, but is it racist? The drop of this hoodie, although not well thought out, isn’t racist. In fact, the only thing truly racist about this situation, is people’s reaction.

The Independent reports the parents of the boy at the center of the “racist” H&M hoodie storm have spoken out.

“I wouldn’t see such a connection to anything other than my son modeling a shirt,” Terry Mango, the mother of the child explained. “It is not an overreaction when it comes to racism, everyone should act differently based on their opinions of what racism is.” She explained that she’s faced racism and even been called a ‘monkey’ herself. “I’m just looking at Liam, a black young boy, modeling a T-shirt that has the word ‘monkey’ on it.”

It is clear people’s way of thinking is what caused this outbreak, creating racism where it isn’t. If an individual thinks something has the potential to be racist, they will tell themselves it is and set out to prove it to others.

As a result of the ad, there have been riots of H&M stores as well as rants toward the Mango family. The riots have destroyed stores, requiring employees, including black workers, to clean up. If people truly think the dropping of the hoodie is racist, there are ways to handle this. It is NOT going to your nearest H&M and destroying it in protest. A way to protest or fight for the cause is to take it up with the people in charge, the people who thought of the caption, and the people who posted that model in that hoodie. Once again, the hoodie with a black child may not have been the most well thought-out product, but it is NOT racist.