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Ohio School District Loses Six Students To Suicide In Six Months


Perry Local Schools have lost six students this school year.

Emily Swanson, Staff Writer

On August 13, 2017, 14-year old Raistlin Brown committed suicide. Little did he know that he would start a phenomenon in his school district called suicide contagion. According to the U.S Department of Health and Human Services, suicide contagion is the “exposure to suicide or suicidal behaviors.” Between August 13 and January 11, six students enrolled/formerly enrolled in Perry Local Schools have committed suicide. Four of which were high school students, one was a middle school student, and one had recently graduated from Perry High School. The victims include sophomore Raistlin Brown, junior Nick Borck, junior Kyleigh Crawford, eighth-grader Brody McNutt, graduate Lexi Tomcavage, and freshman Hayden Porter. Town Chief Michael Pomesky said that ”we pretty much went from no suicides to this.”

According to Fox News Cleveland, the Perry Township Police Department said, “In effort to address additional questions our department has received, none of the circumstances surrounding the other three student deaths have uncovered issues related to school. Additionally, none of the four death investigations are connected.”

The parents of Brown and Porter believe that their children were bullied, despite the claims of the police department. According to the Columbus Dispatch, Perry Local Schools launched a Signs Of Suicide Prevention program to spread mental health awareness and encouraging students to seek help. The district brought in clinical counselors that were available to the students.

“It’s made me realize how many people are impacted by mental illness,” said Madelyn McKelley, a freshman at Perry High School. “Each time there’s another one, it seems like the community slows down.”

Students at Northmont High School are encouraged to talk to Ms. Sheree Coffman or their guidance counselor if they are experiencing thoughts of suicide. Call 1-800-273-8255 to talk to a crisis counselor about suicide.

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The first suicide victim was sophomore Raistlin Brown. He was part of the Perry High School drum-line in marching band.
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Nicholas “Nick” Borck was the second suicide victim. He played football and enjoyed making music.
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Kyliegh Crawford was the third suicide victim. She enjoyed playing with her younger brothers and taking pictures.
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Brody McNutt was the fourth suicide victim. He was a former Boy Scout and a golfer.
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Lexi Tomcavage was the fifth suicide victim. She was close friends with Kyleigh Crawford, another victim, and had graduated Perry High School in 2017.
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Hayden Porter wad the sixth and most recent suicide victim. He enjoyed baseball, basketball, swimming, and fishing.