Northmont Hosts

Northmont Hosts a Winter Guard Competition

Northmont’s High School color guard preforming last years MEPA competition.

Taylor Shively , Staff Writer

On Sunday, February 4, Northmont will be hosting a winter guard competition. There will be around 26 guards competing, including different schools in the Miami Valley. The competition will begin at 9 am.

“This is my last home show so I am super excited,” said senior Cassidy Smith.

Representing Northmont will be the High School Color Guard, the Intermediate Color Guard, and the Wee-Bolt Color Guard. Other high schools, middle schools, and elementary schools will be competing as well.

“I am most excited to see everyone’s show, and for everyone to see ours,” said sophomore Riley Zaleski. “We have a new director this year and I am excited to see what the judges think of our performance.”

The world class champions of the 2016 and 2017 Winter Guard International, Pride of Cincinnati, will be performing at the competition, as well as the gold medal winners of the WGI, Juxaposition. Adaptive Guard, Miami Valley’s first color guard for special needs children and adults, will also be performing.

“Pride of Cincinnati, last year’s winners, will be amazing,” said Smith.

Later in the day, an indoor percussion group, Rythm X, will be preforming.

“People should definitely come. If you’ve never seen a winter guard show before, it’s a lot more entertaining than you’d expect,” said junior Amanda Blair.

Northmont’s High School color guard will be performing around 11:30 am.