Schools Consider Arming Staff

Should Schools Arm Teachers?


Butler County, Ohio Sheriff Richard K. Jones offers to train teachers to use guns (image courtesy of Fox News).

Maddie Harris, Staff Writer

The recent shooting at Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, has sparked debate on possible solutions to the issue of school safety. One of the solutions proposed is arming school staff. The hope is that if there is a potential shooter in the building, a staff member will be able to stop them. According to the New York Times, President Donald Trump “enthusiastically embraced a National Rifle Association position to arm highly trained teachers.”

“I think that the fact that some schools are considering to put guns in school is absurd,” said sophomore Jasmine Johnston.

According to CNN, hundreds of teachers and other staff members in an Butler County, just south of Montgomery County, have signed up for classes to learn how to handle concealed weapons. The classes are taught by their sheriff, Richard K. Jones. However, even after those classes, teachers won’t be able to bring guns into school. Ohio’s concealed carry law states that school employees must have their guns locked in a car, unless they have received written permission from the school district.

“I think after training, extensive background checks, and mental evaluations, teachers should be able to keep a gun for safety purposes,” said freshman Kyle Sendelbach.

This is currently a topic of debate at many school districts.

“If teachers are allowed to keep a gun locked up in their classroom, then they have the chance to protect students,” said sophomore Evan Davis.

However, others think it will just add to the problem.

“The goal is to keep weapons out of school, not put them in there,” said sophomore Mason Hayden.

On Wednesday, the Florida House passed legislation that included a provision that will allow some school employees to be armed. The  legislation was introduced in response to the Parkland shooting, and will now go to Governor Rick Scott (ABC News).