Real Caves and Real Scares

Lewisburg Haunted Caves Review

Real Caves and Real Scares

Mary McKinney, Staff Writer

Every year haunted houses are packed with teens wanting a good scare. The Haunted Caves at Lewisburg has done an excellent job once again.

Not only is it in a real cave 80 feet underground, but the actors do an amazing job at scaring their visitors.

“The best part about my job is being paid to scare people,” said senior Jacob Aldora.

I personally did not get “scared” until it came to the cars and the chainsaws. I went with two of my friends and when the first set of chainsaws came out I pushed one of my friends to the ground and ran. I screamed a lot because of them. It’s not that they scare me, it’s that I really do not like them because of the loud noises.

I enjoy that the caves are not super expensive and they are not to far away. Plus, even though it is kind of short walking through, it’s still fun. I prefer the Caves over Land of Illusion because it doesn’t get as crowded, it’s fun, and if you get there at the right time it doesn’t take forever. But, because Land of Illusion has more attractions, you may get stuck waiting in a long line.

The first time I went, six years ago, I cried the whole time and I probably peed my pants. It is still pretty creepy and scary, but it does not affect me the same way. Each year, the actors do an amazing job putting it all together and really creeping out some of the people that go through the caves.

“I enjoy scaring big groups of people, but what I don’t enjoy is breathing in all of the toxic fumes,” said senior Zack Miller.

Going to haunted houses has become part of my October/Halloween routine. It’s not that I’m trying to get scared, it’s that Halloween is my favorite holiday. I enjoy being very festive during the month of October, and haunted houses are part of that.