Falling in Love with These Decorations

DIY your own fall decorations.


Courtesy of Pinterest

Courtney Davis , Staff Writer

One of my favorite things about fall are the decorations. Yes, you can go out and buy super cute decorations, but it’s more fun to make them. For this DIY, you can make these adorable fall candleholders. This DIY is extremly messy, so make sure you wear old clothes and lay out newspapers.

The things your going to need are a mason jar, leaves (fake leaves work better), and Mod Podge (which is glue that is used for making paper mache).

Go ahead and take one of your leaves and dip it in the Mod Podge. It’s going to be covered, so make sure you wipe it off a little before you put it on the jar. When it is wiped off, lay it on the jar. Repeat this several times until your jar is covered in leaves. It’s going to take at least a day for the jar to dry.

The next day your jar should be done! A little something extra you can do is put ribbon or twine along the top and tie it in a bow. Then take your favorite candle, set it in the jar, and light it! Or, you can use it for something else like a pencil holder or putting jewelry in it. It’s perfect for anything! You have a great fall decoration that you made yourself and can use for many many years to come.