Leader Quest 3.0

Northmont Brings Leadership Beyond the Classroom

Logo for the new Northmont Leadership Team “Leader Quest 3.0” (courtesy of Northmont City Schools).

Harley Johnson, Editor-In-Chief

Northmont’s new leadership team: Leader Quest 3.0, is on a quest to lead others at school and in the community.

“When people ask us what [the name] means, we would leave them with the idea that we are about 3 things: it’s about students, it’s about the community, and it’s about leadership,” said Mr. Mike Nygren, the coach of the leadership team.

Nygren, a native of New York, began as a middle school industrial arts teacher. This opened the doors for him, as he also coached track and taught in high school, later helping students to start businesses and lead community service projects.

“I love seeing how successful young people can be. I love seeing students taking risks and doing great things for their schools and community,” said Nygren. “I love planting the seeds of leadership and service and watching them grow over the years.”

Nygren has worked with Mr. Tony Thomas, Northmont’s Superintendent, in the past with training and coaching students. Thomas wanted to bring some of those elements to Northmont.

“Just as we offer coaching and instruction to clubs, athletes, drama, etc., we believe it is important to invest in developing leadership skills,” said Thomas.  “The leadership team will be invited to join groups already in existence to increase our capacity to include student voice at Northmont.”

Thomas has given insight to Nygren on how to implement the ideas at Northmont.

“The students are learning to rely on the other student leaders who have committed themselves to the upcoming projects,” said Thomas. “They are learning that leadership takes building relationships and the strength of utilizing the talents of everyone in the group.”

The group not only benefits others, but also those who are members of the team.

“I have learned a lot, some things being how to have normal conversations and how to speak in front of an audience,” said Anabelle Sullivan, an eighth grader at Northmont Middle School.

The team has been working on several significant projects lately, one being a summer camp for fifth graders.

“[The summer camp] will be a good experience for fifth graders. It will give them leadership skills and prepare them for the future,” said Sullivan. “I’m excited to teach them what I know because I have learned a lot.”

Thomas hopes to continue this team and branch off in the near future to other schools in the Northmont district, creating a ripple effect throughout the district.

“This is one of the most amazing teams I have ever coached. It is a very diverse group of junior high and high school students who are helping pioneer this dream,” said Nygren. “I see individuals stepping up in ways they never imagined and I see a great team and individual success.”

There are about 20 students combined from both the high school and middle school on the team, and Ms. Terra Spears, a middle school teacher, and Ms. Kassidy Muntz, a high school language arts teacher, are helping out the team.