Summer Break Too Short??

Sometimes I think the summer break is a bit like life itself.  At the beginning it seems like it may go on indefinitely.   You may soon realize that it won’t go on forever and make a list of all the things to do and accomplish.  Then about mid-way through the summer, panic can set in as the summer seems to be slipping away.  You desperately vow to make the most of every day.

Before you know it, it’s near the end and talk of when the first day of school is in the air.  You solemnly look back and wonder where all the weeks and even months went.  Desperate, you would give anything for just a little more time, a week or even a few more days.  But sadly you are powerless and settle for the Labor day weekend that is just a few weeks away.

Ironically, we may be able to learn the greatest lesson of all from those summers when we are not in school. The lesson that life, summer break, and time are all gifts that we should constantly strive to appreciate and never take for granted.