The Downfall of Hip Hop

In Recent Years Rap has Declined Tremendously in Value and is no Longer Real.


Representation of the difference between real rap and what people think rap is. Image courtesy of Google.

Hip Hop in the 21 century seems to have lost its value, authenticity, and meaning. Many people believe the industry has become corrupt, its all about the money, and fame. Rather than putting out music that has meaning, artists put out music know as “mumble rap”, this type of rapping consists of the artist mumbling and repeating the same words over and over again. Hip Hop back in the 90s and even 80s use to bring people together and now it divides people in many ways. Today we only have a couple good artists left who haven’t fallen for the fame and money.

Today in modern hip-hop there are rappers like Lil Pump, 6ix9ine, and Lil Xan, who many think are the best of this time. All of these artist rap about the same thing: drugs, money, and sex- none of which is good and is the last thing young people should be hearing about. Children are very impressionable; if they’re hearing what these artist rap about, they may think that its cool to do drugs and then the drug problem will just become worse.


At Northmont High school there are many young males and females that have a dream to be a professional rapper. Many of which have great potential, but based on how the industry is working now some might fall victim to the corruptness. Labels tend to trap an artist and make it not possible for them to leave because of the money that the artist owns them.

The aspiring artists at Northmont might have the same trouble since they don’t have the money to go solo and the labels will take full advantage of that and in the end; if the artist fails they will be left with nothing.