The Nun: Opinions and Review


Movie Poster for The Nun (2018)

Justice Fauver, Staff Writer

SPOILER ALERT. This movie is very new and I realize most people have not seen it yet so here it is…

The Nun is the fifth installment in the Conjuring series, and the most successful. It made roughly $55,800,000 on opening weekend, and as of September 20th, 2018, it has made more than $233 million. 


A movie dedicated to Valak (the Nun) has been hinted at for a while now, with her first appearance in 2016’s the Conjuring 2. She also had a cameo in Annabelle Creation, both in a photograph and in the end credits, where she is seen coming down a long corridor, just like in the beginning of the Nun. The Nun, Valak has a knack for leaving her name all over the place. In the Conjuring 2 you can see her name all over Ed and Lorraine Warren’s house, on a bookshelf, on a bracelet, on the wall, and on a counter. But it doesn’t end there; in the beginning of the Nun you can see a license plate with the digits ‘VA 01 AK’. Very spooky…

Full Circle

At the very end of the Nun, it is revealed that Frenchie (Maurice) is actually the man that an exorcism had been performed on in the opening scene of the Conjuring 2. Now I was expecting this, but it still surprised me, even when I knew it was coming. This is why Lorraine Warren and her husband, Ed, had seen the face of Valak, the demon nun that haunted them throughout the Conjuring 2.

Overall Review

I thought the Nun was a really good movie, but the “professional” critics seem to disagree. With a 28% on Rotten Tomatoes and a 46% on Metacritic, the Nun didn’t do so hot. But who really cares about the opinions of a bunch of pretentious old people, so I think that you should go out and watch it. I feel that it had a good plot and some better scares, and it’s probably the best in the Conjuring franchise.