The Oprah of Youtube

Mental Illnesses Highlighted by Shane Dawson

This is Shane Dawson. Image courtesy of Google.

This is Shane Dawson. Image courtesy of Google.

Annalyese Richardson, Staff Writer

Shane Dawson is a youtube creator who is recently been making headlines over his recent series about Youtube’s own Jake Paul. The series is over wheather or not Jake Paul is a sociopath. Both Shane and Jake have had a whirlwind of controversies throughout their Youtube careers.

Many fans of Shane’s are saying that it seems like Shane is trying to diagnose Jake with the illness called Antisocial personality disorder(APD). Many experts say that sociopaths have this illness, there are 8 parts to Shane’s series and so far the public has seen 4 out of the 8.  In the first part, Shane sits down with Kati Morton a certified therapist. Kati is Youtuber that talks about many different topics including mental illness.

During their interview, Shane was very involved but in a way that some found offensive and “extra”.  The therapist didn’t explain the condition well enough and it left many confused and baffled.

“You can describe symptoms however you want, but the language was very dehumanizing and pathologizing,” said Kathy Katina “I would never expect a fellow mental health professional to use such stigmatizing terms to talk about people with personality disorders.”

Shane has recently uploaded part 5 of the series, in this part, we finally see Jake, unlike the other 4 videos. Shane travels to Jake’s house and throughout the video, Jake shows Shane around. Viewers are also introduced to Jake’s girlfriend Erika Costell. Their relationship has been under investigation, many people think its fake, but, viewers find out its very real and she wants to help Jake become a better person.