Northmont Has a Style of It’s Own

The Diversity of Northmont Students Shows in our Choice of Clothing


Jazlyn Simon’s heart necklace

Haley Mengerink, Staff Writer

Northmont has proven to be a very diverse high school in many different ways. Students are free to express themselves and their interests. Many students let their personality shine through their wardrobe. Whether androgynous, sporty, girly, or vintage, Northmont kids are comfortable in what they wear. Not every student follows the trends. Many are unique to themselves and find ways to stand out.


Jazlyn Simon (Junior)

 – She takes a lot of fashion inspiration from the 70s & 80s.

 – All of her pieces in this outfit are from thrift stores or her parents’ closet.

– Jazlyn’s style makes her feel true to herself, and fashion helps her look forward to her day.

 – She describes her style as “vintage, androgynous, and artistic.”


Caleb Malone (Junior)

 – His sense in fashion is very much inspired by women. He loves women’s fashion, and he tries to use it whenever possible.

 – In this outfit, Caleb’s pants are from Elder Beerman, his sweater and bag are from Walmart, and his shirt and shoes are from Amazon.

 – Caleb’s style makes him feel confident, “I don’t really try often, but when I do, it makes me feel great.”

 – He describes his style as “feminine-hobo-chic.”


Sophia Sherer (Junior)

 – Her biggest fashion inspiration is her mom.

 – The majority of Sophia’s outfit is from Nike, and her jacket is borrowed from her brother.

 – Sophia’s style makes her feel “comfy and like a mom.”

 – She describes her style as “comfy and simple.”


Ellie Coppock (Junior)

 – Her style is greatly inspired by runways. When choosing an outfit, she pictures landscapes in which she would be dressed a certain way.

 – Ellie’s jeans are from H&M, her belt is from Walmart, her shirts are from thrift stores, and her jewelry is from Target.

 – Her style makes her feel confident and prepared for the day.

 – She describes her style as “bold, eclectic, and unpredictable.”


Madi Blessing (Junior)

 – Her fashion inspiration comes from her friends.

 – Every piece in this outfit is from Kroger.

 – Madi’s style makes her feel confident and happy.

 – She describes her style as “trendy and comfortable.”


Payton Runyon

 – His style is inspired by urban fashion and streetwear.

 – He got all of the pieces in this outfit off of his friends floor.

 – Payton’s style makes him feel confident.

 – He describes his style as “stylish and comfortable.”