Staying In It: Browns beat Ravens (12 – 9)

Greg Joseph wins game for Browns.


In Sunday’s game against The Baltimore Ravens, The Cleveland Browns won 12 – 9, after going into overtime. The game came down to a field goal in overtime as Hue Jackson ran the clock down to 6 seconds in overtime, setting the situation that either they win or tie.

The Browns quarterback, Baker Mayfield, started his day off with an interception, later throwing a touchdown to Hollywood Higgins putting the score up 6 – 3 going into half time. Mayfield continued being a star all day as he scrambled around the pocket, and make big plays on his own escaping tough situations the Ravens defense put him in.

The Browns did although go up against the refs again as they would call 7 penalties on the Browns, but wouldn’t call anything on Baltimore. The last kick although scared Mayfield, so he turned around as he was anxious over the kick, and rightfully so as it was blocked but still went in in the last second.

The Ravens QB, Joe Flacco, threw an interception in the red zone as Denzel Ward continued to throw his name in the hat for rookie of the year, as well as defensive rookie of the year. Ward made another big move in the game, blocking a field goal attempted by Justin Tucker.

This win will be The Browns first win in the AFC North since 2015, letting Cleveland fans gain confidence in their football team and town as a whole. The Indians lost to the Houston Astros 3 – 1, leaving a bad taste in Cleveland’s fans mouths. Cleveland still has a lot to do on their process to getting out of that losing culture, but they look to gain some momentum because of their young players.

Cleveland faces the Chargers again next week, possibly continuing staying undefeated this year at home. The Chargers did beat the Raiders, who beat Cleveland the week before due to bad officiating. The Chargers are 3-2 currently, as Cleveland is 2-2-1, setting up a interesting matchup for everyone.