Homecoming Dance Music

Thoughts On the Homecoming Playlist

Homecoming Dance Music

Caysean Hayes, Staff Writer

One of the most important factors at Homecoming is the music. The music can dictate if people enjoy the dance or not.

“The music was better than last year, but still not as good as it could have been.” Said sophomore Terrance Lewis when asked about the music.

The music was mostly rap with some of the most popular songs out right now.  They still played some of the same songs they have played at other dances over the past several years but had little to no country songs.

In this reporters opinion, the music was the best this year out of all the years that I have been going to homecoming. I was hoping they would play more new music instead of the same 10 or so songs that they play every year.

“I feel like it was better than usual, but I wish they played more new songs from the playlist.” Said sophomore James Wilson.

I agree with James, as do many other people feel after seeing the playlist and what they actually played.

In the end, Homecoming was a big success and the music, weather you liked it or not, did have people dancing and having a good time the whole night.