Brett Kavanaugh

A Peek into the US Judicial System??


Vandana Ravikumar

Portesters rally in support of Christine Blasey Ford – (Photo by Vandana Ravikumar/Cronkite News)

Allow us to take a peek into what’s happening in the U.S Judicial system. On October 9, 2018, Brett Kavanagh took the bench with his new Supreme Court colleagues. Protests erupted, even when he was just a candidate. Let’s get into the reason why crowds surround the Supreme Court building in Washington, DC.

Kavanagh was accused for sexual assault by a woman named Christine Ford, whose claim stemmed from an incident back in high school. During a high school party they both attended in 1980s she said, “He tried to remove my clothes and put his hand over my mouth when I tried to scream.” Christine was 15 at the time and Brett was 17.  She claims he was also intoxicated.

 The Senate has voted to advance the U.S Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh to a final confirmation vote. The vote was split between the Democrats and Republicans, 49-51. Kavanaugh lashed out at Democrats and what he called a “grotesque and co-originated character assassination,” and warning darkly, “What goes around comes around.” Supporters will see him as bowed but not broken, refusing to those who wish to drag him down.