Christmas Nostalgia

Movies for the Season

Christmas Nostalgia

Justice FAuver, Staff Writer

Now that Halloween is behind us, we can focus on the most important day of the year; Christmas. The day of the lord, the day of giving and getting, the day of eggnog and good family time. But what is a Christmas without good Christmas movies? The answer, is no Christmas at all.

One of the most iconic Christmas movies ever, Elf. We all know the plot, and we all love Buddy, so there’s no need to explain this one.

Next, our favorite grumpy old green man, the Grinch. Whether it’s the classic Dr. Seuss or the Jim Carey live action, we can all agree; they’re both better than the new one.

Next on the list, Home Alone. A movie about a little boy left by himself trying to defend his home from convicted felons. Overall, a good film to watch with the whole family.

Polar Express is the next movie on, a classic animated film that you can only watch in pajamas with a cup of hot chocolate.

The final and most iconic entry on this list, Charlie Brown, a Christmas Movie. Whether he’s missing football’s or making a wimpy christmas tree, we all love Charlie and his famous soundtrack.

Merry Thanksgiving and enjoy watching these and other movies over the break.