Grandma Retreat in Finland Ends in Tragedy

Elderly Women Trampled by Reindeer


Gwendolyn Doherty, Staff Writer

On November 19, thirty grandmothers won a prize to go on a winter retreat in Finland for two weeks in a town named Snapa. They were promised to be treated just as they had when they were young with rides and even spa days away from their husbands. Five star restaurants, knitting, and even baking was offered to them. High schoolers came along with these grandmothers to keep these wild girls in place and to provide comfort.

One of the activities on the retreat consisted of feeding the reindeer and the different animals that can be found in Finland. It was about 19 degrees outside and all the high schoolers made sure that the grandmothers ate and were properly dressed for the cold. In turn, the grandmothers made sure the students were very well fed and maybe even overdressed for the cold. Two of the oldest students went ahead of the group through the snow to make a path and to check on the animals. All of the species are separated into different pens to keep them separated to prevent fighting.

While they were checking on the reindeer, one of them left the opening of the cage open. The male student Damien, fell while checking on the conditions of the animals. Healthy enough, they bolted out of the pen and ran over a few of the innocent grandmothers.

These grandmothers were treated for a bruises and a few cuts, the rest decided to skip out on feeding the animals for the moment. The two responsible letting the reindeer out were assigned to find them and bring them back. “Guess you can say Grandma Got Ran Over by a Reindeer,” remarked Skylar when we questioned what her opinion was.