Understanding the LGBTQ+ Community

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Echo Diffenderfer, Staff Writer

Someone’s orientation describes who they are attracted to. You can be attracted to anyone such as: people of different gender, two genders, no genders, or all genders.

What does LGBTQ+ stand for? The L means lesbian, when a woman is emotionally and sexually attracted to another woman. The G means gay, when a man is is emotionally and sexually attracted to a another male. The B means bisexual, when a person is attracted to two genders, regularly male and female. The T means transgender, people that are transgender still want the same respect and have others to support them so they are always welcomed in this community with warm and loving arms. The Q means queer or questioning, if someone is questioning their sexual orientation then thats fine, everyone is welcomed. Now, the plus in LGBTQ+ means there are a variety of other sexualties and genders, a whole spectrum full of different genders, they are still valid to everyone in the community (

According to The Washington Post, the LGBTQ+ community wants respect, they want to feel safe, not to be threatened, or physically assaulted.  The community had good news when former President, Barack Obama, legalized gay marriage all over America on June 26, 2016, striking all state bans they had before.  America was founded in 1776, meaning there have been 240 years of the LBGTQ community being illegal to marry their loved one. Historically in America, the LGBTQ+ community has been the victim of various forms of bullying in various of ways including verbally, mentally, and even physically. LGBTQ+ teens are kicked out of their homes or abused for being themselves, that still happens everyday.

America was one of the last countries to legalize gay marriage; however, in some countries they don’t even allow the community to exist. Men that live in Yemen can be stoned to death for being gay, and women are imprisoned, tortured, or sentenced for two years for holding hands with their lover. In Iran, men and women can be whipped for being gay and even sentenced to death afterwards.

The impact from these threats causes people to be afraid to leave their homes. LGBTQ+ teens have been known to have increased levels of mental illness due to the constant fear for bullying or death, depending on the country they live in. Some teens are mentally, verbally, and even physically abused from their parents from being part of the LGBTQ+ community, so teens never come out, never feel safe just living in their own home. Some teens and adults can’t handle the threats, the bullying, and the assaults, so some of them drink, do heavy drugs, or even kill themselves over this situation (

If you or anyone you know are dealing with finding themselves and are struggling at home or at school with bullying about this issue, find an adult or a friend you trust. The community opens their arms to anyone that needs help figuring themselves out or that needs any extra support. No one is ever alone in this (

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