Ohio State vs Michigan: A Rivalry History

Ohio State has the Edge in Past Two Decades


Justice Fauver, Staff Writer

The Michigan Wolverines and Ohio State Buckeyes have been bitter rivals for decades. The roots of this constant battle on the gridiron run deep, with the first Ohio State vs Michigan game predating the First World War, the creation of the NFL, and the first World Series. Over time, Michigan and Ohio state have traded wins and losses, with Michigan leading the rivalry in wins, with 58 compared to Ohio State’s 50. However, Michigan’s positive record against the Buckeyes seems to on thin ice, with Ohio State winning 14 of the last 15 matchups, with a 7 game streak.

Early Rivalry

In the beginning it was hardly a rivalry, with Michigan destroying the Buckeyes on an annual basis. Ohio State’s first win came after their 16th game against the Wolverines, and at that point they had scored a total 34 points against Michigan’s 374. And just to add insult to injury, Michigan had already beat Ohio State 86-0 in 1902, one of the biggest blowouts in NCAA history.


Michigan and Ohio State are two elite college football teams, with elite players. Michigan saw the likes of Tom Brady, Jim Harbaugh, Jabrill Peppers, Jake Butt, and Gerald Ford. If you don’t know who Gerald Ford is, he is the 38th president of the United States. Seriously. But Ohio State has also seen greatness, and recently. Players like Joey Bosa, J. T. Barrett, Ezekiel Elliott, Archie Griffin, Braxton Miller, and current QB Dwayne Haskins who was recently named Big Ten offensive player of the year.

Modern Rivalry

For the next 100 years, these two teams duked it out, with no clear superior team. However, the tables have turned in favor of the Buckeyes, with 16 wins in the last two decades. After Braxton Miller’s 2014 shoulder injury, QB J. T. Barrett was brought in. Then he was injured and an unknown, 3rd string Cardale Jones was brought in. In his Big Ten championship game, he threw for 3 touchdowns and 247 yards. A dynasty was born. Despite all 3 of these QBs leaving Ohio State, the Buckeyes continue to beat Michigan, and in the most recent game Ohio State won 62-39.