Depression in Students

A Student’s Perspective on a Serious Topic


Gwendolyn Doherty, Staff Writer

When one is suffering from depression, many things happen. In some cases, the person affected does not actually see as many colors as a normal person would, making them see on a darker scale than the people unaffected. Many students are sent into depression with only a few people knowing. Depression can be caused by different things, one of them being a hormone imbalance.

There are two main ways people will react to depression. One is telling people about their problem and seeking help.  The other is not saying anything and keeping things inside.  This is a dangerous thing and can make depression a silent killer.  A person can seem very happy and even laugh, but at home they are secluded and only tell close friends about only a few of their problems.

What many people focus on is how to get rid of depression, but not what can cause it. One that is listed is what most depression medication is for. Other reasons can be from past experiences and current events. Past experiences can be things that has scarred them as a child, loved ones they have lost, or the way people have treated them in the past. Recent events could be something bad that happened, how people are treating the person, stress from school, and even their life at home. All of these could be in effect at once, but for each topic checked off, the worse the person can be.

Depression can have many effects on the person, both mentally and physically. In a few cases, they get so depressed and upset, they commit suicide. Even though it’s a popular meme, one can develop crippling depression. This is where someone is so down, they physically can’t get out of bed to go to school or work, often missing days unless they force themselves to get up.

Some students with severe depression become easily uninterested in subjects unless it’s one of the few things that bring them comfort. Often in classes they don’t pay attention to lectures or classwork while they try to find someone they’re close to too talk to. Depression often leads in that person hating how they look and desperate to change themselves weight wise or to relieve pain, this leads to the physical changes in them.

People can become so upset about their weight, they refuse to eat or vomit up what they have. This does get their desired result, but they become weaker in the process and bones start to show through the skin. Some ways to relieve pain can be self harm and Some even turn to drugs. The reason to why they self harm is to see if they can still feel pain. Some take weed so they can calm down and to prevent themselves from hurting. Self harm can cause scars that will never leave and remains as a permanent reminder of past pains. Smoking weed could cause brain cells to deteriorate over time.

People that are suffering from depression are asked to talk to a teacher if a parent can’t be trusted to aid the student or might hurt them more. Confide in close friends that can be trusted with the information and even offer support. Physical contact is a great stress relief and talking about it often releases the pent up energy you didn’t know you had. Screaming at someone might feel great, but in some instances the things that are happening will only worsen. Always know that it will get better no matter how long it will take. It can sometimes take a month to a year. You’ll eventually come across someone that will turn your life around for the better, whether they be best friend or lover or otherwise.